Cosmetic Injectables – What Wrinkle?

Anti-wrinkle Injections. Cosmetic Injectables. These are just two of the names for such a popular treatment that still seems to have some stigma attached to it.  Up until 3 months ago, all I knew was that these treatments would stop my pesky little frown line from becoming much more prominent. But since our AH-MAZING Registered Nurse Natasha (did I mention she’s amazing?)  joined our crew, I have learnt so much more about this product! I’ve always been open to giving B***x a try just out of curiosity. Aaaaand now I’m hooked 😍😍😍

I’ve just recently turned 34, have two young boys (anyone with boys will know the daily struggle of just trying to keep these fearless dare-devils alive), own and manage a salon with 7 staff members plus work around my shift-working and hard working hubby. So to say life is a little stressful these days would be an understatement. Getting older is obviously just a fact of life and I firmly believe we all have our own choice in how we age. My choice is to keep as much youthfulness in my face for as long as possible without looking abnormal😆😜 Sure, some can call it vein while others will agree with me but in the end it’s really no-ones place to judge either way.

Does it hurt? To be honest, not really. There is a slight sting in certain areas but the needle is so small and fine that you barely feel it – by the time you do feel it the liquid is already injected and the needle is being removed!

Does it take long? The actual injecting part of the entire treatment is super quick. The longest part of the whole appointment is: filling out the consult medical form and chatting with Natasha, getting your before photos taken, your consultation with our prescribing Doctor and then being drawn up.

Can you put numbing cream on if you’re worried? Yes of course! We’ve had a couple of clients go and grab some Emla cream from the chemist and pop that on before their appointment as some people are afraid of needles so it just made it all that more bearable for them.

What will it actually do? So the way in which Cosmetic-injectables / Anti-wrinke treatment works is that is paralyses the muscle to stop it contracting. This is turn means the skin lays flat as it is not being repeatedly moved by the muscle so then your skin will soften and those lines and wrinkles will either look alot less visible or disappear completely.

How do I know how much I need or where I need to be treated? As I mentioned before, Natasha is amazing. She will assess your facial muscles and their strength and with what you are wanting to achieve with your treatment, she will come up with the right plan to make sure your goal is achieved. The full effect of your anti-wrinkle treatment can take up to 2 weeks however you should see it start top kick in within a couple of days. I personally was impressed after my first treatment as by day 4 I had no frown movement at all – WINNING🙌 But everyone is different so some may take a little longer, others less but this is why it’s important to come back for a 2 week review so that if a small top up is needed then this can be done and to make sure you are happy with the treatment. It is better to have a slight under dose of anti-wrinkle product injected than an over dose of product as that can make things look all sorts of ….. strange…..

What next? Well, Natasha is now offering Cheek filler treatment. One of our Therapists Lisa has had this done and is over the moon with them, so I’m keen to give this a go in the coming months. From what Lisa said, she barely felt a thing! And the fact that it lasts around 2 years is pretty damn appealing that’s for sure😆


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