Skin Fitness Inside & Out

With Christmas fast approaching we all want our skin looking great for those family pictures and getting onto a Skin Fitness program is the best way to do it.
Something that quite often isn’t understood by people is the importance of, not just treatments we use to make your skin glow but also what your skin is being fed internally!
Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it is what is on display to the world.
Our highly qualified and experienced therapists have seen every skin type imaginable.
Tranquility also has two nurses who are also highly qualified therapists who due to their medical training know only too well the importance of sun protection as well as a healthy diet and exercise.
A good analogy of what we are saying is that of a very nice car! If the car has been exposed to the elements without the protection of paint and rust protection it will rust as it has no way of repairing itself!
We as humans however, do have numerous ways of protecting ourselves from “rusting” some of which can occur without us lifting a finger.
Let me explain.
Personal fitness trainers are well aware of the two different types of recovery athletes have at their disposal in order for their bodies to recover from a heavy workout. They are PASSIVE & ACTIVE.
Passive recovery is basically relying on your own bodies biological systems to do their job whilst you sleep or rest.
Active recovery however, is where you give your system a kick along by things like massage, stretching and eating foods high in protein, vitamins and anti-oxidants in order to speed up and encourage blood flow and give your body everything it needs to do its job and recover quicker and more efficiently.
Well our skin repairs just as athletes muscles do.
– So doing some light physical training in order to temporarily increase your blood pressure will create more reach for your capillaries to get that nourishing blood supply to the skin.
– Eating foods high in anti-oxidants and protein gives your blood the essential “rust” killers your body needs to repair the damage done to the skin by everyday living.
– And finally, enlisting our skilled therapists to analyse and treat your skin will not only increase blood supply to the extremities of your skin but depending on the treatment, it will feel great, add highly beneficial nutrients to your skin and be akin to a nice car having a professional work hard in order to get it ready for a big show.

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