Needle my face you say?!

Acne scars. Pigmentation. Stretching/sagging and tired looking skin.

These conditions sum up the majority of concerns our clients present with.  All of these conditions can be treated with Collagen Induction Therapy aka Skin Needling.

But let’s just dive deeper into the word Collagen for a minute shall we…..

Collagen got its name from the Greek word (kólla) which means glue! It’s not surprising it comes from a word meaning ‘glue’ because it is one of the most abundant protein cells in our body and it holds together things like our bones, ligaments, tendons and a myriad of other structures in our body.

The type 1 collagen however, is what we here at Tranquility are most interested in.

Type 1 collagen is skin collagen and it gives our skin it’s tight, youthful fresh look and it provides your skin with elasticity to help protect against the elements.

Unfortunately as with everything in life it degrades & our bodies decrease the amount produced for the skin as the years tick by.

That is of course unless you can trick your skin into naturally producing more of this miracle substance via Skin Needling.

How does it work?

It works much the same way gym junkies build more muscle! When they train with weights or other types of exercise this causes tiny microscopic tears and damage to the muscles fibres.

Your body then reacts by forcing protein into these microscopic tears to heal the muscles and build more muscle fibres to cope with the extra work.

This is why you feel very sore the day after a training session. D.O.M.S or “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness” kicks in.

Skin Needling by our highly trained therapists also causes tiny microscopic damage within the skin which causes a healing response thus in turn the skin produces more collagen. This very welcome response brightens and thwarts the ageing process and repairs damage to the skin caused by acne or scarring, sun damage or other factors.

We can literally help to reverse the signs of ageing with a series of treatments and correct homecare.

Is it painful?

There are a number of Skin Needling devices along with needling cartridge heads around these days; some are more painful others not so much. Here at Tranquility, from ongoing training and experiencing different cartridge heads on our skin, we have found a less painful yet extremely effective way of performing Needling. Our 36 needle heads deliver the applied serums to the deeper layers of the skin efficiently yet much less painful than other cartridges used in the past. This is perfect for our Therapists to deliver even greater results with far less discomfort to our clients.

How many treatments do I need?

This is entirely dependant on each individual and their skin needs. We do recommend a course of a minimum 3 treatments done every 4 weeks to begin with however some may find they do need more. Through a thorough consultation process, a full skin treatment plan which can even incorporate Skin Peels and Microdermabrasion treatments can be mapped out to suit exactly what you skin goals are.

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