Lashes Ain’t Cheap – What Gives??

One thing we have been asked more than once is ‘Why does Sally Sue down the road charge only $50 for lashes but your prices start at $XX?’ We understand that saving money is important to, well, everyone however there are times when quality, skill, training and care does mean spending that little bit extra. Lash Technicians undergo extra training on top of their diploma which itself is quite costly but that’s not just training on the technique of lash application. These days there are a number of types of techniques e.g. Classic, Volume, Hybrid to name a few but they are also trained in the importance of lash health along with the importance of using quality products around such a delicate area of our body – our eyes.

Scroll through any beauty or lash love groups on Facebook and you’ll see plenty of horror stories of lashes that have been applied at an ‘amazing price’ but have been made in such a mess! From applying 3 sets of fans on each lash which then pulled out/snapped off their natural lashes (some girls having almost bald eye lids!!) to the glue being something funky that should NOT be put near our bodies let alone the eyes which has caused serious infection. It is scary that there isn’t more regulation around Eyelash Extensions presently as almost anyone  unqualified/trained can easily jump online and buy some cheap products, watch a 15 minute YouTube tutorial and then BOOM! They now start offering $50 Lash Full Sets.

Don’t get me wrong as there are some out there that have been trained and use fairly good products and may simply being doing it now as a hobby for friends and family so they charge extremely low prices and that’s totally ok. However in a salon setting, with the cost of training, quality products and consumables and on top of that insurances, rent, council fees etc you can begin to see why it does cost more to perform a service ‘above board’ and at a high standard.

The type of people we are as Therapists, who have stuck with the industry for a long time, tend to be is caring & nurturing so our clients satisfaction and ensuring they receive the highest quality service each and every time is basically built into our nature. So yes, the price for Lash Extensions may seem a little hefty, especially when it’s something that does have to be maintained with daily cleaning & brushing along with regular infills but for this type of treatment in particular you really do get what you pay for.

Our advice is always to ensure that wherever you go, make sure they give you a thorough consultation going over what the treatment entails, after care and the different types of looks so that you know exactly what you are in for before any lashes are applied.


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