How to look after your Eyelash Extensions

Anything that helps in lengthening your lashes are great investments. From high-quality mascara, false lashes, and eyelash extensions, these require tender loving care from you to make them last longer.  These additions to beautify your lashes can make your eyes appear bigger, look fuller, and noticeably brighter.

That is why taking care of these delicate enhancements, especially the eyelash extensions, are very critical. In order to keep your lash extensions looking great for longer, we have come up with a series of tips and tricks to maintain its shape and quality.

Normally, lash extensions can last a good 2-4 weeks before you need refills depending on how you take care of them. Fear not, continue reading this article to help you get started with taking care of your lash extensions.


Do: Apply a lash growth serum

To maintain the shine and thickness of your lashes, invest in a good lash serum which you should apply on them daily. A good eyelash serum should be packed with nutrients and peptides to make the lash hair follicles grow healthy and strong.


Do: Stay away from water

Keep yourself out of the water at least 24 hours after getting your lash extensions done. Avoiding water prevents your lashes from falling out and from turning your look to a total disaster. The lash glue is very strong, but it cures in a layering process and needs that amount of time to properly set before any major changes in the humidity occur. Allowing the adhesive to stay untouched is one way to ensure that the extensions will stay in place too.


Do: Avoid touching them

Rubbing your eyes or touching them are the worse things that you can ever do when you just had your lash extensions done. It disrupts the placement of the extensions and chances are that the glue gets rubbed around and clumped too when you touch your eyes. Plus, touching your eyes can be unhygienic and make them prone to infection too.


Do: Brush them

Grab a clean spoolie brush and comb them upwards in order to maintain its shape. Brushing your lash extensions regularly keep them from clumping and make them look more maintained when they start to fall out.


Do: Shampoo your lashes

It is so important that you keep your lashes clean and healthy. There are specific lash shampoos available that do not contain any oil in them. The eye is a moisture packed area and if you think about it, these gorgeous enhancements are stopping the lashes from their natural cleansing process. You are going to have to step in and make sure they are clean and not holding any bacteria that can lead to eye infections!


Don’t: Sleep with your face against the pillow

It is definitely comfortable to sleep sideways or your face resting against your pillows. However, this can be a bad decision when you have lash extensions in place. Sleeping with your face against the pillow can distort the lash shape–especially during the first few hours after the procedure. Sleep on your back for best care of your lashes.


Don’t: Let them get in contact with anything that contain some oils as ingredients

Oils can remove the adhesiveness of the lashes, making your extensions prone to falling out. If your face, tends to get oily throughout the day, keep a blotting paper handy or oily face wipes. Having oily skin can have an affect on the longevity of your lash extensions however you can talk to your skin therapist about helping with balancing out your skin with some appropriate treatments and homecare.


These are only some tips that you can follow to maintain the look, shape, and quality of your lash extensions. Keep also in mind that lashes shed naturally so do not get surprised when a strand or two falls off to your cheeks.

Refills are generally recommended every 2 weeks to keep them looking full and flawless all year round.


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  1. I think you are right about making sure you don’t rub your eyes. I need to get a set of eyelash extensions for my wife. She always feels self-conscious about how short her lashes are.

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