Olive Oil – Where are you putting it?

The latest fads and crazes come and go in every industry and walk of life. The health and fitness industry is arguably one of the biggest catalysts of this phenomenon.  Society loves getting drunk on mob mentality especially when the bandwagon gains a bit of speed.

More often then not some fads are the most basic substances found in nature but have been propelled into the public psyche with very clever marketing, whilst the perpetrator or perpetrators sit back and ride the wave of incoming cash until it hits the beach and dissipates.

Think about some fads and health crazes that you have come across! Some are here to stay and others have come and gone!  Fidget Spinners, YoYo’s, CrossFit, Silicone Wrist Power Bands, Guarana, Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, Morning Celery Juice & Lemon Detox to name a few!

Well in the beauty industry we see our fair share of gimmicks also. Some are legitimate and others not so much.

Let’s take one such substance – Olive Oil.

Let’s face it, Olive Oil is very good for you. Especially Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The reason Extra Virgin is considered a higher quality is because when the olives are pressed they are pressed several times and the first batch that comes out is the extra virgin oil.

It is very high in HDL (high-density lipoproteins, or good cholesterol). Studies show pretty clearly it helps good heart health, it can help fight inflammation, cancer, prevent stomach ulcers and more.

In the ancient Greeks, Romans & Israeli’s time it was an extremely important part of their culture and commerce. The bible has many teachings, parables and historical accounts of olive oil’s benefits and importance but should we really be putting it on our skin or face????

The short answer: is on our hands, feet and hair YES! There are benefits associated to it but on our face? NO!!

Olive oil is naturally high in squalene which is an oil that mimics your skin’s natural sebum oil. Sebum is an essential part of your skin however, too much of it has a comedogenic affect which means it can clog your pores causing those pesky blackheads and breakouts.  So smearing olive oil all over your face may not be the best way to enhance your skins appearance especially when there are so many treatments and lotions specifically designed for your face that won’t give you skin issues.

Us Beauty and Skin Therapists are a very picky bunch!  If there is one thing we value more than most things, it’s our reputation as being the Skin Experts.

The treatments, serums, moisturisers and and other professional Skin Care Products that our Therapists recommend have been extensively studied, used and actually work.   Our Therapists at Tranquility use them ourselves and we don’t recommend something unless it works because we tend to take things personally if our client’s don’t get the results.

So in short, olive oil is one of nature’s very beneficial substances but keep it on your salad – not on your face.