Make Up

Here at Tranquility, we have the complete InClinic Cosmetics range.

InClinic cosmetics is non-comedongenic, which allow the skin to breathe and gives a natural flawless finish.

InClinic has customised primers to blur and correct skin imperfections, diffuse and fill in fine lines, while perfecting and refining pores necessary for creating a smooth canvas for makeup. 

InClinic Cosmetics is made with specially crafted formulas blended with skincare ingredients sourced from powerful, naturally derived ingredients that do all the hard work, working to hydrate, repair or rejuvenate skin.

All safe enough for even the most sensitive skin including problematic skin conditions such as Rosacea and Acne sufferers.

Special Occasion Make Up Application $95

Add on Party Lashes $20

5 Minute Makeover $15 (redeemable on product)