Let’s Get Lippy – Lip Filler

For quite some time now, women (and men for that matter) have been having different types of lip filler treatments.  With the hype around Kylie Jenner’s revamped look some years back, Lip Filler has become one of the most asked for and talked about cosmetic treatment and it’s popularity is still on the rise. Some are quite turned off by it all especially when you do a quick google search and see all the horror stories and pictures of procedures gone wrong or from seeing others go way over the top with it all causing a very un-natural ‘trout pout’. Others though who have done their research and spoken to the right and qualified professionals know that yes that are risks involved just like any other beauty and cosmetic procedure however it really isn’t just for those wanting to have their lips filled to the brim.

On the market today is a range of different filler products most of which are made from Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is found in a number of cosmetic topical skin products such as serums and moisturisers (along with a range of other ingredients) because of it’s amazing hydration properties. So let’s delve into what this procedure if about and why….

What is it for?

Lip Filler can be for those wanting a little extra volume added into their lips. But a lot of the time, patients are wanting to fix something they have always been self-conscious of. These concerns can be un-even cupids bow, deep upper like/smokers lines – and yes these lines can form even if you’ve never smoked a day in your life, loss of lip volume, small upper lip just to name a few.

How long does it take?

The entire procedure generally takes up to an hour – this includes filling out your consultation form, having a thorough consultation with our Cosmetic Nurse followed by a second consultation with our Doctor.  Once everything has been checked over and everyone is happy with what the procedure will entail along with what to expect over the coming days, then the actual injections begin.

Does it hurt?

Like anytime a needle is injected into any part of the body, there is always going to be some pinch or sting. Most lip filler products do contain lidocaine which is a type of anaesthetic to help dull any discomfort quite quickly along with options to help numb the area beforehand. However, each and every individual has a completely different pain threshold so to say across the board how it will feel for everyone is quite difficult – but if it was too painful then the trend would have died out very quickly!

How long does it last?

Like most dermal filler, any individual should see results lasts from 12 to 24 months. Some patients do find themselves wanting more filler added after a short amount of time for a more fuller look and this is something that should be discussed at length with your Cosmetic Nurse or Doctor beforehand.

And what about the cost?

Each clinic has their different pricing structure. This is because of different products used for certain types of concerns, the amount of product needed along with the overheads of the clinic itself. But always do your research and have a thorough chat first with the Cosmetic Injector! Cheap doesn’t mean the best as most of the time, cheap is for a reason so make sure you ask all the questions before any needle touches your face.

So what next??

I’m sure there are a range of other questions you’d love answered so for the best information, we always recommend coming in and having a consultation with our qualified and very knowledgeable Cosmetic Nurse Injector Rowena. She will be able to give you all your options and from there you will know exactly what your cost will be and what the entire procedure will entail.

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